Mission Statement

As a modern, ever evolving and adapting Veterinary Practice We are committed to sustainable development (meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs) as a guiding principle within our work. Concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of this mission. Our aim is to reduce the impact on the environment from our operations, services, and day to day work within the practice.

Key Actions

  • Review sustainability plan on a quarterly basis and update accordingly.
  • Promote sustainability within the practice monthly by awarding a sustainability ‘Champion’ award.
  • Source consumables (syringes, gloves, and sterilisation packets) from more sustainability companies and recycled materials.

Sustainability Plan

We Have: –

  • Installed solar panels on the roof of the building to reduce our electricity costs, use more renewable sustainable energy and supply renewable sustainable energy back to the grid.
  • Adopted a recycling culture within the practice whereby all rooms are supplied with recycling bins, reducing our non-recyclable waste immensely.
  • Promoted indoor plants working environments where possible to reduce carbon emissions in the building and promote an improved wellness environment in our workspaces.
  • Sourced ectoparasites to use in our patients which are from sustainable companies with reduced production waste. We have also changed our ectoparasite policy to reduce the volume of drugs being dispensed, ultimately leading to reduce environmental impact and damage to our local ecosystems.
  • Promote where possible to our clients’ sustainable products and medication.
  • Cut the grass on the practice land only when required to help with local wildlife.
  • An electronic record keeping policy to reduce paper waste.

We Will: –

  • Continue to look for new ways to reduce our waste into the environment such as water, electricity, and gasses (isoflurane)
  • Not prioritise funding needs ahead of sustainability requirements
  • Encourage within the practice of our involvement in local sustainability projects and environmental schemes.
  • Promote and encourage engagement within the team to follow this plan and develop new ideas to improve the sustainability plan.
  • Continue to lead by example in our profession and show other practices in the local community what can be done to promote sustainability in a veterinary practice setting.
  • Close all computers down each evening to allow system update and reduce electricity usage overnight via standby mode.
  • Reduce air con and heater usage by reducing sunlight into the rooms by using blinds
  • Syringe waste survey undertaken in prep – number of plastic syringes used during a full day. Total documented. This will be repeated monthly to give us an indication of what our plastic syringe waste is.